Thursday, August 25, 2011

Oh Right...It's 2011

It's been a big summer for our family. Here are a few things that have kept us busy the past couple of months.

Alan graduated from PA school! Congratulations, smartie-pants!We said goodbye to our wonderful Iowa friends who we miss SO much.

We moved to California!

And to celebrate Alan's month off before his new job began, and our new status as Californians, we hit the road on vacation!

We took 2 trips to San Francisco to see cousins.We went camping at Sequoia National Park.
We visited friends in Santa Barbara, where Austin went to his first beach.
Alan went backpacking in Yosemite with his brothers.
And eventually, real life started again. Alan is working as a Family Practice PA, and I get to stay a full-time Mommy. We are hot and happy here in Bakersfield, where we miss our Iowa friends terribly, but it's sunny every day. Not a bad gig.

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Tawnya said...

OH Kara! I miss you!