Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thank Heaven for Mother-in-laws

I would like to take this moment to thank Alan's mother for her foresight in purchasing a perfect baby jumper for us back in 1984. Yes, 25 years ago Clucky bought "Jumping Jacks" for all of her children to use with their future children. Now, a normal person would have thought she was crazy for buying a baby jumper for her then 3 year old son Alan. But that is why I'm grateful to have a not-so-normal mother-in-law. =-) My son absolutely LOVES that jumper, and I know for a fact, they do NOT sell jumpers like this any more. It has literally saved my sanity. You see, I have a very high-maintenance baby. If he's not sound asleep, he MUST be played with, sung to, and generally entertained. He is not good at playing by himself. Which means, I would only get 30-40 minute chunks throughout the day to get anything done. (He's not a great napper either.)

Well, this jumper will keep him occupied for up to an hour at a time! He jumps and laughs and squeals non-stop. So I can finally eat, work on Symantec projects, follow up on email, clean up my house, cook. It's amazing! I am a whole new woman thanks to this jumper.

So thank you, Clucky, for being awesome and knowing 25 years ago what we would not learn till much later. We owe you one!

Pictures and (maybe) video of the jumping to come...