Monday, April 27, 2009


After 5 long years at BYU, Alan is now the proud recipient of a Bachelor's degree! I'm so proud of Alan for all of his hard work! Now he gets to spend his 3 week break before Grad School packing up our house and moving to Iowa.



Kight Family said...

That was so fun to see you guys and we did a quick shout out to Alan before he got to the stage. Good luck in Iowa and don't forget us!!!!!!

Whenever you come back, look us up we might just still be here :)

Amy said...

Alan, you look great in a dress.

Michelle said...

Rock on..Greg took that picture of you two! :) It was fun to sit (and stand) with Alan. Congrats to him!! Good luck in Iowa!

Janel said...

I don't think I ever said Congrats to Alan So CONGRATS!!! I keep checking your blog to see if you made it ok!!! I know you probably did and that it's crazy moving into a new place! I Hope everything went well and that the drive was smooth. Let us know how its going k!