Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Huey Lewis & Me!

I have the coolest job. This past week, my company hosted a big party/concert/event for Dell in Austin, TX and since I helped coordinate, I got to meet the entertainment! Huey Lewis & the News put on a great show. The event went off without a hitch and everyone had a great time. All the hours of hard work & stress paid off!
The Dell Marketing Girls! Korbie, Mickey, Kara & Daynna with HUEY!
Some of the Dell team: Ed, Korbie, John, Todd, Garrett, me, Mickey, Daynna, and of course HUEY!
A whole bunch of happy Dell employees, rocking out with Huey Lewis.


Amy said...

Lucky! Huey Lewis and the News was the first CD I ever bought. (Well, in the first shipment of CDs I ever bought when I first joined BMG in middle school.)

Annemarie said...

It was SOOOOO wonderful to get to see ALL of you!!!

The Francis' said...

That's awesome... I saw him skiing once like 15 years ago... You are so lucky to be able to do so much for your job. Too bad you have to spend so much time away.