Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Iowa City, here we come!!

It's official, we will be moving to Iowa for Alan to attend the PA program at the University of Iowa in May. Classes start on May 20th so that doesn't give us much time after graduation to move, but we're very excited for the change. The University is located in Iowa City, a small college town about 3 1/2 hours from Chicago. (And 7 1/2 hours from Wichita!) We're both pretty sad to be leaving the Utah mountains and a little scared of Iowa's Chicago-like winters, but we'll manage. Thankfully, I get to keep my same job with Symantec and work from home - hooray! In case any of you want to visit us, here's a taste of what you can expect when you come. (I'd visit in the summer...)

Summers in Iowa

Winters in Iowa City...Yikes.

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Chris and Karen said...

I'm sad you are leaving, but I am so excited for you to move on to the next stage in life! I lived in Illinois during the Winter a few years back...I have never been so cold in my life!! Have fun!!